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Ambient Education Species

July 7, 2014 in News Tags:

1.8.3.A Ambient Education in the School Considering all this thematic importance of ambient and the integrated vision of the world, in the time and the space, sobressaem the schools, as privileged spaces in implementation of activities that propitiate this reflection, therefore this needs activities of classroom and activities of field, with shares guided in projectos and processes of participation that lead to the autoconfiana, the positive attitudes and to the personal comprometimento with the ambient protection implemented in way to interdisciplinar (DAYS, 1992). Salient that the generations that thus will be formed will inside grow of a new model of education creating new vises of what is the planet Land. However, not rare mantenedora and reproductive the school actua as of a culture that is predatory to the environment, or if only limits to be a repassadora of information. In this in case that, the reflections that give to beginning the implementation of the Ambient Education must contemplate aspects that not only can generate alternatives for the overcoming of this picture, but they invert that it, in order to produce consequences beneficial (ANDRADE, 2000), favoring the gradual understanding global of basic importance of all the coexistentes forms of life in our planet, of the way where they are inserted, and the development of the mutual respect enters all the different members of our species (CURRIE, 1998). Inside of the school we will have to find ways effective so that each pupil understands the natural phenomena, the shares human beings and its consequence for I obtain, its proper species, the other beings livings creature and the environment. It is basic that each pupil develops its potentialities and adopte personal positions and constructive social behaviors, collaborating for the construction of a society socially joust, in a healthful environment. The school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil to search values that lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. .

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