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The Good And Bad Government In 2008 Pajarito Sanchez

December 12, 2018 in News Tags:

(On February 1 this year gave an interview in the newspaper La Nacion in which I took stock of government Pajarito Sanchez 2008 and then decided to write and publish this article, with more, detailed information on the subject, who left for consideration of my readers). I preferred to watch and shut in 2008 because in less than a year is difficult to weigh, assess and qualify the records of any government. But by now, the departmental and local governments are left with two holidays of Kings to complete their mandate. It is time for a dispassionate and independent assessment of what they have been for two years. I never have trouble finding the positive things in any society, government or person and I think the government of Dr. Bird Sanchez in 2008 has had several of them. The first is undoubtedly the charisma of the ruler. The Bird is a nice man, dear, good conversationalist, well-mannered, good tempered and won the last election with broad support from more than 180,000 Huila, many of them backed him because he was not so much to win but because they were really fascinated with him.

How many of those fans remaining at the end of 13 months in office? I have no idea. If so I express to all who heard me speak of him, I would say very few, but by no means that may be the measure. I think the Bird is still popular. In terms of its enforceable as such we must emphasize the development and coordination of the development plan without any major setbacks, although I must confess that I see many small-scale targets such as coverage and quality in education, infant mortality and maternal mortality in health, disability program occasions, the construction program of small and medium irrigation districts, the City Region Program Production Neiva, etc.

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