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December 13, 2018 in News Tags:

Save time and effort: while preparing several dishes prepared without the participation and control hostess – operates on the selected mode, disables itself and informs the call do not need to wash the plate, greasy pots and pans Reliability: simplicity of design and equipped with British quality stabilizer that protects against power surges, lifetime – 10 years Cost – consumes less power than an iron or kettle! Compact and lightweight – weighs 8 kg and is easy to transport. Versatility – prepares all and every dish (except plastic and wooden): fry on a grill, in any dish, fry in deep fat, fry the kebabs, prepare your home ham, cooking meals, soups, vegetable sprays, tormented by a Russian stove, makes hot and cold smoking, defrosts, warms up ready meals, raising the dough, sterilize home-made, cooks jam directly in banks, dry herbs, fruits, mushrooms and berries, makes yogurt, fat heats, cooks mulled wine, roasting sunflower seeds nuts, coffee and supports products in a heated state to 24 hours, and much more! Portability – aerogril can be used in the country as well as the home kitchen. Aerogril can be put in a cottage room or on the street, placing it on any flat surface. The main advantage of aerogrilya to give him a surge protected. In addition, aerogril perfectly dry mushrooms and greens, and sterilize home-made. The possibility of smoking – aerogril is the only appliance that allows you to smoke the cold and hot house. To obtain the highest quality smoked on the bottom aerogrilya must fill alder chips (Typically sold in specialty departments Hotter) or grease product smoking preparation. Antialirgennye properties – aerogril prepares only the flow of hot air that circulates around brewed specialties. So , the products are prepared without the use of active termoprovodyaschih environments (such as butter or lard). Consequently, the product remains useful trace elements do not form harmful scorched Education carcinogens. Food cooked in aerogrile easier digested and is dietary.

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