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Hooke State

December 10, 2018 in News Tags:

Theme 4. Foundations of the theory of stress and strain state of stress state at the point of the deformed body. Main site and principal stresses. Types of stress state of the material (linear, planar and spatial). Linear state of stress. Determination of stress on sloping sites. Plane stress.

Definition stresses on the inclined plane (direct problem). Dependence between the stresses on two mutually perpendicular sites. Act a sum of normal stresses. Law parity of tangential stresses. Graphical method determine the stresses on the inclined plane (Mohr). Plane stress.

Determination of principal stresses and the provisions of the principal sites for the known stresses on two mutually perpendicular areas (Inverse problem). Volumetric stress. Stress on the areas that are parallel to one of the principal stresses. Film director pursues this goal as well. Pie chart Mora. Maximal normal and shear stresses, the site of their action. Deformation under complex stress state. Defining the main linear deformations (generalized Hooke's law). Volumetric strain. Hooke's law for volumetric strain. The specific strain energy, and its division into parts, corresponding to volume change and a change in shape. Hypothesis of destruction and the emergence of plastic strain (the theory of strength). The need for and purpose of the hypotheses of strength. Equivalent stress. Hypothesis is the largest normal stresses. Hypothesis is the largest linear deformations. Hypothesis is the largest shear stresses. Distortion energy hypothesis. Recommendations for the use of different hypotheses. The concept of hypothesis Mora for materials with different characteristics in tension and compression. Topic 5. Determination of stress shift in the shear plane.

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