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School Evasion

June 4, 2012 in News Tags:

PERTAINING TO SCHOOL EVASION: THE EVALUATION AND ITS INFLUENCE IN THE PERTAINING TO SCHOOL EVASION Simone Silva Souza 1 SUMMARY This work intends to approach the problem of the pertaining to school evasion, searching to reflect on reasons that move away these pupils from the school. We find in our bibliographical research, ways that point as being negative factor, the position of some professors with regard to the errors and rightnesss in the hour to evaluate the learning of its pupils. We know to be evaluation one of the great fears of the pupils, but we are trying of some form, to knock down this barrier. To transform the evaluation into a pleasant act of discovery and exchange of knowledge. In this article, we will bring the positioning of authors who approach this subject and will observe the importance of the interaction pupil/school/community to solve this problem. We must consider the class action and not cross the arms. To renew the school is necessary, as well as the mind of many professionals of the education. Words keys: Evaluation.

Education. Evasion. Interaction. ABSTRACT This study addresses the problem of school dropout, trying you reflect on the reasons that these students away from school. We found in our literature searches, paths that link a negative factor, the attitude of adds teachers regarding the rights and wrongs when evaluating to their student learning. We know that an assessment of the greatest fears of the students, but we ploughs trying you somehow break down this to barrier. Transforming assessment in pleasurable act of discovery and knowledge this article, we will bring the position of authors who address this issue and noted the importance of interaction between student/school/community you solves this problem. we must to consider collective action and not sit back. Reload this school is needed, well the minds of many education professionals.

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