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Longdistance Education

July 3, 2012 in News Tags:

Ahead of the considered subject and the possibility of a free reflection of literal formats, I will initiate for my personal experience in EAD and superior education, mainly in courses of engineering of the Unip. The presence of the International Correspondence Schools- ICS in my residence retraces to my taking of conscience of the meaning of paper objects, with a mount of desenhinhos which I did not correlate with nothing in mine three years of age. But some of these objects of paper had started to mean for me some things that I way ' ' parecidas' ' in the world: people, houses, animals, automobiles, plants everything in black person and white, static perpetual there, turning yellow to each visit mine to the paper, now called periodical, magazine, of book, but were things similar to some others that I recognized in my redor. Periodicals, magazines, books and one notebooks that I could not for the hands emend were them of the ICS, that years later reencontrei, to preparing me for the engineering vestibular contest, I took account of that my course of electrotechnical not it contemplated the minimum knowledge necessary to apply me in the test of chemistry. Thus, during two years and way, religiously I made my course of technician in industrial chemistry, Spaniard, for the ICS, made that me to sobrar in knowledge of chemistry in the FUVEST, the ITA, the UFSCar and the Osvaldo Cross.

Other courses for correspondence if had occurred and still I make today them, for example, when some professional challenge demands a systemize knowledge more of a subject. With the exclusive objective to learn, to know, always to dominate a little plus some subject. Until today never I used myself of these courses to show or to make use of some certificate, perhaps for having introjetado the concept of that this would be secondary in a course of not formal and long-distance learning.

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