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Distance Running

August 5, 2012 in News Tags:

Diverse long small races of distances have been carried through. Lately distances as 5 km and 10 km have been very used, making with that the number of participant people increases. With this some groups of races and professionals of physical education had also appeared that had started to carry through training of races in the streets. But which would be the differences between training in the street or the mat? Had to the increasing number of participants of street race, doubts as these had also appeared. The training of race in the street becomes the motivador training highly, mainly in littoral cities, where the landscape and place, make with that the training if does not become monotonous, due the landscape and to the place of the practical one.

However to follow some tips so that the trainings either ideal, are important so that the maximum exploitation either. During the day, we must have as concern the climate, temperature and used clothes. Days very sunny and with high temperatures, they require much attention with the hidratao (commented in the substance Hidratao and Exerccio), had the biggest loss of liquids and greater termorregulao necessity. The used clothes must be of light material and clear color, so that it does not absorb the heat in such a way. The use of cap and solar protector also is indicated by reducing the exposition to the sun and protecting the skin. Already during the night, some other consideraes can be displayed, as, for example, the concentration of gases, as the carbon monoxide the night is bigger, mainly in the great cities, therefore it is important to prevent hourly of peak. The security of the race in the street during the night diminishes due the lesser luminosity, therefore a bigger attention with the floor, holes and unevennesses is advised. The reflected object use and to run contrary to the flow also is a good alternative.

In the training carried through in mats, it is possible to have a bigger control of the 0 variable, as, temperature, illumination, speed, what it can be important for a bigger income. The mat possesss damping system, that reduces the impact in the joints and risk of injuries. The training in the mat provides the same benefits of the street race, and if it also becomes important in an alternative of training due the protection against winds and rains. For these questions, as much the training of street race, how much in the mat they bring many benefits to the health. They follow the tips and good trainings!

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