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Municipal Center Pupils

March 24, 2012 in News Tags:

Of concomitant form, world-wide manifestations of ambientalista matrix had started to occur in diverse countries, being earned the support of other movements organized for the civil society. Specifically in relation to the disorganized urban growth, this comes bringing serious implications to the environment for intensifying and increasing the process of degradation, the use and irregular occupation of the ground, affecting directly the environment and the quality of life of the people. Thus, the individuals galgam paradoxicalally in such a way in search of the development, as of the proper one destruction; exactly knowing that they belong to the way and they depend on this to survive, they speed up the process of ambient destruction daily. Therefore, associated to the disordered process of urban occupation, the absence of a structural urbanstico planning and public politics makes impracticable the practical sustainable development and of destined measures the preservation and conservation of the local environment. Considering such premises, the present article left of the necessity of oportunizar to the educandos of the Municipal Center of Infantile Education Teacher Djanira Freire of the Mota, specifically to the 28 pupils of Level II (children with etria band of 03 and 04 years) and respective familiar the knowledge most including of the ambient reality in which they are inserted through the project ' ' Our Quarter: knowing it better for preserv-lo' '. Such project had as main main objective to know to extend them that the pupils possess in relation the local reality and to the ambient problems generated by the urban growth disordered, so that, in a critical and reflexiva dimension, they can perceive how much these ambient implications affect not only the environment, but the quality of life of the resident and adjacent population. The reason of the choice of such locality for the development of the project, and consequently, of this article, was given for the fact of the teacher, together with the pupils, to have evidenced serious problems of ambient and structural order in that land division, in which many pupils inhabit.

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