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Dream Interpretation

March 4, 2012 in News Tags: ,

Different dreams – of course, the most striking thing is that happens in our world. At all times people are more than seriously approached the secrets that bring nature to our dreams. In the ancient world, the disclosure of dreams involved priests who told all those interested in command of deities, sent through dreams. Since ancient times, the process of sleep understood as an extension of reality, moreover, in a more meaningful way and without deficiencies reality, which can explain the secrets of problems and issues of our time. Of course, dreams must be told. Person to want to read your future and understand the reality. Today's analysts are well tell you that this is the easiest to implement with the use of images. And it is full of symbols of our dreams.

That's just to explain the images of dreams, will have specific knowledge or skills. For the same people who do not know the specific conditions, and were designed collections of interpretations. The most ancient dream interpretation, which is known at the present time, belongs to the ancient Egyptian rolls, which is written out as a symbol of dreams, and including their inaccurate interpretation. But only in the XIX century with the improvement of psychology – and also after the establishment of the teachings of Sigmund Freud – downers began to become truly significant aspect for the development of the personal unconscious. As happens in the structure of the human psyche conscious covers a very small scale percentage of resources, while unconscious, drowned moral motives can boast of more solid store of energy. Also – and to resolve disputes, we are facing in their conscious activity. How do you get the elimination of certain issues or to prevent misfortune? More correct to call for help and the subconscious forces that drive the individual unconscious.

At this time of night visions of interpretation – it is not a magical effect, for which the interpreter as Greek Pythia, you need to drink a certain amount of drug components. And in parallel, it is clear that the designation of dreams as 'an unprecedented collection of sensations received' including untenable. Clearly, individual subconsciously acquires much more information by studying which really choose a more educated decision. But not just a reasonable component is present in the explanation of dreams. In order to really sleep It was explained to want to mark the most prominent symbols of which was created by a dream. These images stand out more and included in the dream book with little explanation. But we must not forget that the interpretation of dreams, do not approach with mathematical precision. Much more effective creative option. Other words, when you take into the hands of a collection of interpretations, always draw yourself a couple of thoughts, even the most unusual, interpretation of a symbol for your real life. After all, mainly marketed specifically what we can not wait.

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