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Public V Particular Schools

February 22, 2014 in News Tags:

Of the more practical point of view, the parents must first, to visit the school and to question its proposal widely pedagogical. Later, she is necessary to analyze if the line of the school is adjusted to the values of the family. The main line that the schools must follow is to prepare the pupil for the life, and the work market does not stop. The schools are very worried about the content and finish estressando and suffocating the pupils with information excess and tasks alone so that the parents feel that they seat being prepared for the work market. this does not make sensible. The learning has of slow being made by stages, is not necessary to have haste.

It is better that the child knows little, but well, of what very knows, but badly. thus comes the great divergence between the public schools and particular schools. Of far or even though in its structure they seem equal, more when comparative both leave to desire. History of the Public and Particular School in the BrasilA school initially was only destined the elites. In the end of the Imperial Period, it came to privilege rich and the powerful ones.

It folloied the speech around the constitutional reform, that if materialize with the Law Hail. Law this that came to introduce the direct elections, what for the first time in the country, made with that the reading and the writing were condition for the registration of voters, what moves away to the possibility from participation politics of ascending fractions of the layers measured, particularly the urban ones. Some intellectuals and public personalities admitted the restrictive character of the alfabetizao definition as condition for the registration of voters. Others already looked for to see and insisted on presenting the new device as a skillful strategy for the social valuation of the elementary instruction and to force the omissive one to be able public the expandiz it in the domestic territory all, and thus it was as Rui Barbosa, that propagated the modern pedagogical principles, based in the experience and the action, that in few decades would find its version.

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