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Quandaries Of A Teacher

February 22, 2014 in News Tags:

Well, I am all time infuriated with the stories of the professors in the media on the way that is treated in classroom. Same I already passed for situations, which they intend to tell with the time to leave any author of subjects of the education without answers. But, yesterday a fact with me happened that I found that was dreaming or that had received a trot. For return of 11h30min of the morning I received one televenda from insurance. Offering to a promotion for public officers as I that I am teacher. It guaranteed me to the salesman that he had been attacked for a pupil, who is common in my area I could be indemnified in until R$ 100,000, 00, left me to case invalidates. I did not support and I asked: Then it is common for you that a professor suffers aggression? You how much citizen and participant of a society find more easy, us professore to buy safe from what to try to change this reality? Only for curiosity How much cost? It answered me only R$ 57,50 for month, then I spoke: you are vendendo the insurance for missed people, no professor in the State of So Paulo has conditions to pay this value monthly, better finds to start to battle for insalubridade.

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