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Concept Design

March 1, 2014 in News Tags: , , , ,

Block identity is as important as the content of block which should be to highlight the logo of the company or the name and ideally, place them at the top of each page of the web site. The purpose of the block is the identity of increase the brand recognition. The site must also have an easy navigation system. Navigable items should be preferably placed at the top of the layout. The focal point of the design should be the main content block. It is only a matter of seconds before a visitor entering and leaving your web site.

Therefore, most of the time, the content must prevail over anything else on a website. The footer is located at the bottom of the page and contains important information regarding copyright, contact and legal information. Ideally, the footer should separate the final content of the bottom of the browser, users of the indication that are at the bottom of the page. Having blank or empty space on the website it is as important as the graphics and illustration. White space is what makes to breathe in a design that helps the eyes they glide around a page and it makes for balance and unity. A good web site should follow the basic requirements of the network. The network is all about proportion.

A sophisticated use of networks always accompanies the good graphic design. The concept of dividing the elements of a composition into a mathematical model is as old as the time of Pythagoras. The proportion of gold or divine proportion is a pattern that occurred so often in nature which was given this name by Pythagoras and his school. The application of this divine proportion of graphic design postulates that, in general, the compositions which are divided by lines, which are proportional to the gold or divine proportion, are aesthetically superior. In that sense, the divine proportion logic gives us guidelines for the design of schemes that they are visually attractive. If simplify the proportion of gold that arrives to the rule of thirds, which establishes that a line that is crossed by the golden ratio splits into two sections, one of which is about twice the size of the other. If we divide our design into thirds we have a simple network in the place where we can expose different elements of our composition. That in turn can lead to a well-structured web page of anatomy. Original author and source of the article.

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