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March 3, 2014 in News Tags:

The psychoanalysis appeared then as possibility of understanding, from which the reality could be modified in a scientific way. Of this form, diverse Brazilian facultieses of psychology had consisted on these bases coming back its attention toward intrapsquicos aspects of the patients. With this, many psychologists still search to understand a part of the citizen as if this part was all the e, the students, having as reference such professionals, if they become heirs of this conception and way of action (Days, 2001). Ademais, the production of knowledge in the area of Pertaining to school Psychology although to be in increasing development, still it lacks of consistent theoretical productions that the possibility allows to the psychology student reverse speed-to mean its knowledge for the context of the practical pertaining to school. Of any form, the practical ones of the psychology inside of the pertaining to school environment aim at, over all, the exercise integrated with the Brazilian reality, in a more preventive perspective and to interdisciplinar.

As it relates Almeida (1999, P. 78), ' ' practical psychological that guides the professional performance will be, necessarily, reverse speed-meant if supported in theories that emphasize the objective and subjective factors of the process teach-to learn, the conditions of the partner-cultural context, the importance of the Inter relations and intra-subjective professor-pupils, the apprentice as subject of the knowledge and the social paper of the school, in the formation of the citizen. The reverse speed-significao of the performance professional it passes, therefore, for the appropriation of theoretical referenciais that take in consideration interactive, conscientious and unconscious the processes constituent of the citizens in process of education, development and learning, in a psicodinmica and partner-historical perspective, whose focus is not the individual but the citizens in relao' '. Currently the work of the psychologist in the educational area has if extended significantly, long ago we occupied a room in the corridors of the school, today the psychologist who if involves with the learning can be inserted in some educative contexts.

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