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It Disciplines And Indiscipline In The School

July 23, 2014 in News Tags:

They are considered to analyze the influence and the paper of the family in the pertaining to school behavior, since this has preponderant participation in the construction of the personality of the pupil and as consequence its behavior in the school; the paper of the school in the construction of disciplines, in view of it disciplines that it is a basic factor for the adequate development of the teach-learning process; being about a behavior that is reflected in the other sectors of the society to consider solutions in such a way to fight the indiscipline in classroom, how much in the familiar environment, for the correct behavior of the adjusted family and for the practical one of the teaching action. Word-key: Indiscipline, Disciplines, Learning, pertaining to school Behavior ABSTRACT This article aims you highlight the importance of disciplines you the appropriate process of education and learning, and understand the possible causes of indiscipline at school, taking into consideration the student’ s violence in the environments in which it closed. Propose you analyze the influence and rolls of family in school behavior, this has part in building the personality of students and consequently to their behavior in school, the school’ s rolls in the construction of the disciplines in to order that the disciplines is the beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code factor will be to proper development of the teaching-learning process, and this is the behavior that is reflected in to other sectors of society you the propose solutions you combat indiscipline both in the classroom, in the family environment, the correct behavior of family and to proper practice of teaching activities..

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