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Babylon Civilization

July 17, 2014 in News Tags: ,

2. The Sumerians were the first great civilization, which made many accurate astronomical projections, including the existence of planets Uranus (Uranus), Neptune (Neptune) and Pluto (Pluto). So why should not we believe their predictions for the planet Nibiru? Nibiru-is the name of the Babylonian astrology, sometimes associated with the god Marduk (Marduk). Nibiru appears as a minor figure in the poem of creation Enuma Elish of Babylon (Enuma Elish), as recorded in the library of Assurbanipal (Assurbanipal), King of Assyria (668-627 BC). Schumer civilization was at the height much earlier, about 23 th century until the 17th century BC. Allegations that Nibiru – the planet and was known to the Sumerians, refuted by scholars who (in contrast to Zechariah Sitchin) study and translate the records of ancient Mesopotamia. Schumer, Indeed, a great civilization in which to develop agriculture, water system, urban life and, in particular, writing. However, they left very little written evidence on astronomy.

They certainly do not know about the existence of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. They also had no idea that the planets revolve around the sun, the first thought of it was made in ancient Greece in two Goals after the civilization of Sumer. Allegations that the Sumerians had a well-developed (complex) astronomy, or at least a god named Nibiru – no more than a figment of the imagination Sitchin. 3. How can you deny the existence of Nibiru (Nibiru), when it was opened in 1983 and this message appeared in major newspapers? At the time (you) it was called Planet X (Planet X), and later she was referred to as Xena or Eris (Xena or Eris).

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