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Governor Freedom

July 23, 2014 in News Tags:

There are similarities between Islamism and communism. The main and most fearsome, as well as the Soviet Union attempted to conquer the world, the islamofascistas are intended to do the same. At the end, communism defeated itself because watchful against freedom, and with radical Islam will happen equal. Traditional socialism and Islam do not support free will, but individual freedom is not a constitutional or religious law, is a natural right of all human beings. If communism took almost a century to fall, and still has defenders. Religious fundamentalism is alienating, dangerous, and difficult to combat. The dogma of divine dye is instilled as absolute truth, and may take millennia to fade or be removed.

The Qur’an is not susceptible to questioning. If you do, you not sent to a Gulag, you run. Iraq is the spearhead against fanaticism, and the belief that there can be democratic and open Muslim societies in the Middle East. The American presence in the workplace, is used to having to radical Islamists cornered, and cannon shot, before you deployed by more places. George W. Bush not highlighted by his charisma, but few politicians have their credentials. Yale graduate in history, earned a Harvard MBA graduate. He was the first Governor of Texas on be reelected for two consecutive terms what catapulted him to the Presidency and is a reliable man of sound principles.

The worst mistake made by the United States in its war with Iraq, was not having removed Saddam Hussein in 1991, when he was with the support of the UN and the Arab world. George Bush father, knew that the outcome would be chaotic and confrontational, and preferred to leave genocidal tyrant in power. The war in Iraq is an unparalleled success. Every day they decrease the terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda is under siege and in disbanding, democracy begins to develop in an environment where all countries with the exception of Israel are dictatorships, and continue in that cause, Iraq will be the initial example, that moderation and freedom can be part of Islamic life in the Middle East. George w., knew that this would not be an easy war and however decided to deal with it, despite the unpopularity that would mean him. That is to have courage, at a time when they most prefer to hide under the comfortable umbrella of pacifism, playing the deranged humanism without principles.

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