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Beatriz Hunter

July 28, 2014 in News Tags:

The book is divides in nine units, being each unit, divided in study of infantile texts, extra and intra-pertaining to school grammar and activities. As a whole, the book was confectioned with sights to reach the infantile public, since the book is full of figures and colorful photos of children and livened up personages, with balloons of speaks that they remember the used ones for comicses. Some texts are written as letters colored with activities that are on they. The majority of the authors of the texts selected for the book belongs to the infanto-youthful book market. violence ideological of the State in the didactic book Open Door: Portuguese language Reading some pages of the book, is possible to observe values that denounce the ideological action of the school as device of the State, as we can observe below in the fragmentos: Soon in the first text, in page 10, we observe a photo with many children smiling and playing, saying the following text: ‘ ‘ the school is a place where people study, she learns many things, and if she amuses with many friends. (…) School is legal. It is a place where people learn new things, read, write, she prepares each one. (…) the school is a place that people go when vacation finishes the recess them. IT IS PLACE TO BE QUIET, TO GIVE ATTENTION IN THE THINGS THAT THE TEACHER SPEAKS AND TO MAKE A PILE OF DEVERES’ ‘. In the following page, page 11, the first text, intitled Ways and Ways, of Beatriz Hunter of the Wedge, the author shows the school as a place where the individuals will learn good ways: ‘ ‘ The school is a place where people goes stops: To learn To take off the doubts To practise sports To know of the new features To play Therefore, PARTICIPATES!

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