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Residential Real Estate

October 31, 2021 in News Tags:

In each of them – green building materials, high ceilings, large windows and stained glass, all city communications, clock Perimeter protection, private staircase and creative landscaping. Own home in one of the best parts of suburbs will be a great place for a family retreat on nature. And not only that. Of your decision depends, will the extra- residence as "family nest", where long time to keep the memory of the most joyous and memorable moments of your life, where it will be warm, cozy and always where you will be waiting for loved ones Unique offer from Thor Realty "Cottage Village Four Seasons": timber skazkEtot gated development of 37-th km of the Dmitrov highway can rightfully be called a family club. Two-storey detached houses 207 – 290 sq.m. author of European architecture in the forest plots in 12 acres, withdrawn for private habitation, each of which is original and unique, side by side with all the major centers of recreation: ski resorts "Sorochany" (6 km), Volen (9km) and (10 km), beaches feed them. Moscow and reservoir (4 km), toboggan run, "Paramonov (6 km), extreme park" X-Land (5 km) and shooting club" foxhole "(4 km).

For the erection of the village was developed 14 projects of houses on which construction was carried out taking into account the surrounding landscape with maximum preservation of trees growing there. This place is truly light and good energy coming from the land and attracting anyone who likes to mother nature. Richard Linklater oftentimes addresses this issue. "Cottage Village Edelweiss – Ilinskoe ": small ShveytsariyPoselok of 49 households located in the semistable miles from the center of Moscow to Dmitrov direction. Elegant wooden residence with a stone plinth in the style of Alpine chalets turn the space of one of the most beautiful valleys of the Moscow Switzerland in eco-village of exquisite and simple, large and small cozy two-story house with lots of balconies, open pavilions and terraces. Home area from 330 to 420 sq.m. tinted beams with large windows and stained glass windows are on the correct form sections 14 to 20 hectare.

Comfortable and "breathable" log houses, built of the highest quality material on the latest Wood Technology will keep warm in winter and cool in summer, eliminating the need for artificial air-conditioning facilities. Cottage settlement "Vastness": a celebration of the wooden village domIdealny economy-class hotel located on the 50-th km Rogachev highway. A distinctive feature of these cottages is that they would represent a genuine creation of wooden construction. Two-story residence area of 160 – 210 sq.m. erected from logs. Cozy and original layout provides ample balconies, spacious rooms, warmed by the warmth of this wood. A protected area, playground, convenient access directly from the highway on the private two-kilometer road through the forest will stay here comfortable. This is an ideal place for lovers of this suburban families among the light noise of the surrounding forest, fresh air, aroma sunken bath and a spicy barbecue smell.

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