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October 5, 2019 in News Tags: , ,

Language courses in New Zealand’s beautiful capital city while in Europe in everyday drab winter sinks, you can enjoy the summer on the other side of the world. Kia ora”, or even welcome in the land of the long white cloud”, where sky and water unite. New Zealand has a reputation of a unique, blessed with great natural country. Under a bright blue sky, rugged coastlines, primeval forests, hyperactive volcanism, raging rivers, glacier-fed lakes and a unique animal life unfold. To use the visit not only as a tourist destination at the other end of the world, there are for example various schools all over the island. Language schools in Wellington for example offer different programmes with varying levels of intensity, which means to Ganztagessprach courses, or morning or afternoon courses. Full day courses in Wellington: held at the full-day courses teaching usually by about 9 am-3 pm. Thus enters the week on approximately 24 hours.

This course is suitable for those, the is Learn the English want to focus and possibly at the end of their course time a recognized certification such as Cambridge or IELTS, would finish with extra from scrutiny,. This full day course costs depending on the provider and school between NZ$ 170 and NZ$ 200 per week. Morning courses in Wellington: here held English language course from 9 to 12 am, with approx. 15 lessons in total hours per week. For those who want to attend a morning course, remains plenty of time around the country and meet the people to learn, to go on a discovery tour. For a morning course costs $ 130 NZ for NZ$ 150 per week. Please visit Nike if you seek more information.

Afternoon courses in Wellington: this course will take place from 13-15: 00 and thus amounted to approx. 9 lessons per week. The cost here is about NZ$ 90 NZ$ 110 per week. Also you should worry still, how and where you live during his course. There is the possibility with a host family to stay. The prices here are approx. NZ$ 205 per week including 3 meals a day. In addition a mediation fee, requiring all agencies to find an appropriate host family and to teach. Once this is approximately NZ$ 200 Also, still an airport shuttle of to the host family can be booked depending on the need. This is approximatelyNZ$ 50 per person per trip. Who would then test his newly acquired or improved English skills or continue to invest in its training, Erasmus also studying in New Zealand. This can be E.g. via an agency will advise you to find the best program for itself. On the other hand you can also an internship at a New Zealand company after the completed course. Here you get to know the New Zealand operation and can also further improve his English. It is also a good way to gain some work experience for later professional life abroad. If you are still some after the language course days, weeks or months the country explore and travel want to, there are many different ways. It can be completed as a work and travel stay, where you travel in New Zealand and produced his budget can improve through odd jobs. Here, there is also the opportunity for free room and Board to make a WWOOfing stay or farmstay. Thereby it helps on a farm in the daily work and can stay there for and gets free meals.

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