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February 15, 2014 in News Tags: ,

The transformations are considered as methods of translation. Translator chooses the best translation. From the perspective of a translator translation is regarded as a heuristic process in which, using a set of techniques, solved a number of creative tasks. In general, the text is a broad context in which the realized values of all the linguistic units used in speech. Properly targeted by the translator is the text of the original. Translation of individual statements will be correct only if it is done taking into account the location of this statement in the text, its semantic relationships with other units of text. Translator divides the text into conventional pieces and begin to transfer the next segment after the last transfer.

The translation process takes some time and if the translated text is a more or less long series of messages, the translation can not be implemented immediately, in a single act. The value of the individual segments of the text is not the same across different cultures and species transfer. In many cases, such a minimum unit of the translation process is a specific proposal (ie one sentence) in the text. Even when within a single utterance is not enough information to select translation, the translator does not start to translate the next one, until you finish the translation of this statement. In the interpretation has its own characteristics. On the one hand, keeping in mind a few sentences translation of which is a separate 'batch' of the translation process, which includes some minimal translation unit, the interpreter can begin to translate the text.

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