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February 11, 2014 in News

PERSEVERANCE persevere is a human quality that allows to stay constant at the insistence of the started, an attitude or an opinion. Perseverance becomes manifest against obstacles and frustrations in the pursuit of goals, and adherence principles previously established. Perseverance in academics is a value also to achieve what you want despite the negative things that they can pass, and is also very important to a student who is facing knowledge, because the study always involves patience and perseverance to achieve the proposed goals. It is a trait of essential character for the progression of the human being. Many good things that can be done in this world are lost amid hesitations, doubts, hesitations and lack of determination. Like most of the virtues, the persistence and perseverance cannot operate for the good of the world, isolated from the practical intelligence. A person who is only persistent can be an irritating nuisance, without any salutary effect. But on the right, using context the discernment and fair combined with other virtues, perseverance is an essential ingredient in human progress. Original author and source of the article.

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