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January 19, 2016 in News Tags:

The origin of the Professional Education in Brazil if gave from economic interests and politicians still in the colonial period, when it was proportionate specific formation for the manual work to the poor layers of the population.

Intellectual education was privilege of the children of the elite, whereas the formation technique, that summarized it the execution of manual tasks, was destined to the children of the supplied classrooms less, being professional education, an inferior category in the world of the knowledge. It was observed necessity of overcoming of this dichotomy Education Technician x Propedutico Education, that is, the overcoming of the formation for who would give to continuity to the studies and that necessary one for the life of the work. The Law Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDBEN), Law 9,394/96, in many aspects, convokes the educators () to the participation in the construction of the knowledge, demonstrating that the prevalence of the social one before the individual one is essential for the success of the pupils in the school. However the economic life of the country and the interference of the neoliberal politics prevailed with its monetary and conceptual force, establishing its wills and ideals. Soon, the decisions taken being able for them public continued loaded of stimulatons to the competitiveness, the profit and the interest for the ownership, defending themselves the individual one and devaluating the importance of the collective one contradicting in the daily social pertaining to school and, what it praises the Law..

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