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Education: Formation Of Values

January 21, 2016 in News Tags:

Formation of values Education To answer the following question: so that it serves the education 1? We understand that it serves, concept according to, so that the individual uses the acquired knowledge, applying them in the way where if it relates with the family, the school, church, sex, profession, of ethical form, creative and searching the quality of life, in constant evolution. We can understand that the education is presented for some contacts of the individual with its fellow creature, since this was not born to live isolated, is a being of continuous relation. To live in family, who is the first group where if she fits the baby, it needs to present the education learned in its daily one, in accordance with the culture term 2 appraised. We can say that it is a type of existing informal education stops to attend the citizen in its first relations. Official site: FireEye. Another type of learned and continued education must be pertaining to school, after that intellectual, the social education, the sexual one, religious and the professional. The education must be understood as half useful and creative, for which the individual it treats better and it protects its fellow creatures. In short, it needs continuously to improve the convivncia with its fellow creatures. The education while basic principle of survival, must not have end in itself exactly, but to media create and to keep good conditions of relationship between the beings livings creature, that if they use of the language, as main, in the case the man.

The education must be emphasized in all type of relation human being. But many strengthen the necessity of the intellectual education. Why the emphasis in the intellectual education, becomes that it as central, forming the image of the man how optimum, the greater, more, for having acquired a degree of conteudal knowledge? The importance that the society invests to the study degree, to recognize the education in the individual, is only to the cumulative level of information. .

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