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STAS Is Engaged In Promoting College

July 13, 2015 in News Tags: ,

Places of the private College of economic management, as well as the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg sponsored Reilingen, 2.03.2012 to respond to the growing skills shortage, STAS has relied on internal training and offers apprenticeships in IT, as well as in the business since 2000 and on marketing. Now, the leading provider of business analytics solutions extends this support to the University area. As said already Goethe? Success has three letters: T.U.N. You should not just lament that there are no qualified employees on the market, but you can do also something to resolve this situation. With the operational training, is now complemented by the promotion of places we see an important lever to change something”, says Managing Director Uwe Schulze, for the support and promotion of young people is a personal concern. Since October, 2011 is a place of the course of business with a focus on sales at the University Business management (HDWM) in Mannheim half financed. The student, as well as the country carries the remaining 50% of the monthly fees of the semester.

The aspiring academics also receive the opportunity to take the internship offers of the cooperation partners and to complete their bachelor’s degree work in the operation. So they have not only the opportunity to gain extensive practical experience, already during his studies but have also opportunity to get to know at an early stage potential employers, and therefore exactly know what to expect after the graduation. The company also benefits from it. To Silke Richter, human resources manager of STAS GmbH: At the HdWM we meet young people at an early stage of their career, they can observe and check on their suitability and. The selection process of HdWM I find very charming, because practically the sales gene ‘ is tested. For us international commitment with a strong focus on selling the concept of the new College really sounds convincing.” A place for Business Informatics at the University of Karlsruhe, within the framework of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) funded from the winter semester of 2012.

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