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Insolvency Of Solar Millennium AG

July 13, 2015 in News Tags: ,

Registration of claims and any liability of the backers of Munich, the 29.02.2012 after the official opening of insolvency proceedings over the assets of solar Millennium AG will receive many investors who had entrusted money of solar Millennium AG, post in the next few days by the liquidator Volker Bohm. Investors are prompted by the insolvency administrator to login your claims from the participation in the solar Millennium AG to the insolvency table. This is lawyers in Munich according the lawyers of law firm investor protection and investor right Cape is advisable, because this part of the damage could be replaced, it should not remain in the registration to the insolvency table. Claims for damages are likely to be enforceable against other individuals and companies. The insolvency of solar Millennium AG won’t let go the aggrieved investors.

Many still doubt whether claims is really worth, especially since so far unclear is how much Assets of insolvent solar Millennium AG is present and if necessary can be distributed to victims. Also, it is further unclear how much the sale of American solar power plants by the provisional liquidator to the former competitors Solarhybrid AG has introduced and whether these funds are sufficient to due to other liabilities. Specialist Attorney Anja Appelt, partner of the law firm Cape lawyers, reported: “we are, for our clients other ways to find, to demand their claims by other leaders. Essential starting points we see this not only against the person and the sales company of solar Millennium AG, but also against other backers such as the Distributor, the founding shareholders and – in particular as regards the shareholders of solar Millennium AG – against the former Supervisory Board”. For lawyer Thorsten Krause, also partner in the firm of Cape lawyers are for example the reports of the company about their alleged very In addition to the pleasure licence holders shareholders affecting positive course of business that practically not with concrete facts and figures can be traced to a starting point this would, believed due to optimistic reports on a company’s success.

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