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Social Cohesion And European Project

February 1, 2019 in News Tags:

The ghost of the economic recession has stopped being a fiction in Europe. Fruit of this situation, in the last months we have attended an intense social deterioration in the European Union (the EU). Before the exigencies of the companies affected by the contraction of the markets or the short circuit of the lines of banking credit, the workers and the unions accept like bad minor, before the threat of a closing or delocalisation of the plant, the wage cuts. In the meantime, the public administrations receive a true avalanche of files of use regulation. Nevertheless, everything does not explain by all means nor has triggered by the formidable crisis that is shaking our economies. The basic pieces of a partisan but significant regression in the social model already were visible in the EU of the last decades, before the appearance of the present crisis. The factors are very diverse that could give account of this social drift.

It is not the less excellent of them financing of European economies. In first term, turning aside enormous amounts of resources from the productive and social economy towards the casino, where, if the implied actors were prepared to assume the risk demanded by the markets, excess profits could be obtained. Secondly, awarding to the executives and the shareholders, not only of the establishments strictly financiers, so that their decisions were directed to increase the value of the company in shareholder terms. Thirdly, abriendo to new spaces to the intervention of the markets, creating playground that is very uneven, causing that the costs and the opportunities are distributed of very unequal way. To know more about this subject visit Campbell Soup Co. In fourth place, expanding a segment of the considerably opaque market, that remains outside the control of the national states and, by all means, of the communitarian authorities. visible hands of the market, the winners of the casino, bet by a Capitalism with weak institutions, that contribute to consolidate field of game that agrees more to its businesses. anomaly financier does not constitute an other people’s, external phenomenon, to the communitarian project, mattered of the United States, but he is present in European dynamics.

For that reason, the analysis of the financial disturbances enters the heart of the debate, much more ample, of Europe that we want and the sustainable strategies of development that must feed this project. This debate does not close rather, is closed, mistaken or, in interesadamente false with finding of which the intervention of the S-state as urgent as necessary. In other words, neither the European project, nor its social slope, are legitimized nor reinforced due to attending a massive intervention of the national States destined to avoid the economic collapse. Rather the opposite. The minimum coordination of the rescue plans, the privileged position of good part of the receiving groups of the resources public, the little control that is exerted on his use and its social cost throw serious doubts on the true nature of the revitalized presence of the national States. Against this background, it is not sufficient with appealing, before and now, to More Europe, appeal than has all their meaning if it enters the truly essential question: What Europe.

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