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Legality And Paternity

April 2, 2019 in News Tags:

The documents we have filed for immigration, but the ex-husband does not give permission to leave the child. Which could be a way out of this situation? Emy contracting or buy off. Everything depends on the mental features of your ex-husband, on your ability to persuade, or the amount of money for which he tempted. In my case: My ex-husband – a patriot (in a bad sense of the word), and smart, so the money – do not hire. I will press on the mind. Teenage daughter, soon to enter, I want to be a normal education, etc.

Consult with a lawyer, it all depends on how often he talks to the child pays Are regular child support. Click film director to learn more. If there are ‘gaps’ on his part, may try to sue. In the interest of the child, the court may decide to allow the departure of his mother for permanent residence. The only negative – it’s time! You know how our courts. If you have already applied for immigration, it could delay the deal. XeniVS I was a lawyer. He told me that if all prove in court, then it is money, not small.

And still do not know what decision the court will make. And the lawyer said that no such person with whom you can not agree. And here is the same. And me with my ex-husband said that would give it permission, then changed his mind. In the money he needs and lives in another city, the work is normal, and his son seems well may be once a year.

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