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Slow Down – It

August 8, 2018 in News Tags: , ,

Slow down on the weekend: escape time of fast-moving times, it’s in the newly opened Museum periods in Vechelde Bodenstedt team TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e.V. are the creators of ZeitOrte. Here, you can centrally through more than 90 visitors attractions in Heath BraunschweigerLAND Resin inform, travel book and put together travel and day trips – as a free service! The inner film is equally much quiet there is like a movie – a time travel with deceleration back in the era of our grandparents, if it touches to the Sunday drive through the newly opened Museum periods Bodenstedt. One feels accompanied by unobtrusive audio recordings instantly quiet between the aesthetic set up furniture from the industrialization. Sharpened by the striking information steles made of fine glass in the perception, then you see the superimposed layers of wallpaper of different decades – and reads besides historical on the in between adhesive paper remnants at the Sunday outing. The Periods of time Bodenstedt, thats a Dreiseithof converted over several years, including restaurant and dance hall. As moves by magic wall to the side going to the Museum periods Bodenstedt through rooms with completely preserved set up different styles.

Here, the living conditions of the former population of the Roman Empire can be vividly relive the years at the original venue of the events until the early 1970s. Money and lot of work invested in the periods Bodenstedt. This one has implemented also amazing ideas, like the vibrating in perfect deceleration wall that blocked just the way into the Sunday outing slowly to the side. Longer you will stop is here, when the Cafe will be integrated into the periods Bodenstedt. The deceleration is really effective on the Sunday trip with coffee and cake on the country. Because at times of the grandparents, so much was different. More people on fewer living – lived there and yet slowing down was announced as the periods Bodenstedt clear after work make. Sunday outing with slowing down, there are fewer distractions than today and the Sunday outing was celebrated as a Festival.

Among the over 90 ZeitOrten are more appropriate for a Sunday outing, the tranquility and slowing down as the periods Bodenstedt. In other ZeitOrten, however, the post goes off very futuristic: modern productions, technically jazzed up and exhilarating. “ZeitOrte – expeditions in the land of time travel” networked over 90 attractions and visitor facilities in the region of Heath, BraunschweigerLAND, and resin. Industrialization & modernism and to the present & future as thematic clip combines the historical eras, starting from prehistoric times, the stone age, middle ages & Renaissance, Baroque & enlightenment, ZeitOrte. Even more time travel can be found here: reiseangebote.html and by the team of ZeitOrte the free information and booking service for the next Sunday outing, the weekend or short holiday. The creators are the description of the company team TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e.V. ZeitOrte. You can check out more than 90 visitors attractions in Heath BraunschweigerLAND Resin inform, travel book and put together travel and day trips – as a free service! Photo: TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e. V. company contact: TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND e.V. Bernd Schnaudt Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 38440 Wolfsburg Tel: 053618999330 E-Mail: Web:

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