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Art By Making Alive

August 8, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Sponsors and patrons of the arts for art projects it wanted to sponsors and patrons of the arts for art projects in Teltow locate Flaming (Luckenwalde), Berlin, Brandenburg if an artist such as Mario m main, insufficient revenue undGewinneerzielt, the artistic development and creative development is severely restricted. I.e.: creative ideas, artistic designs, construction of finished works of art or the development and implementation of art projects, can not be realized without sufficient money. For 7 years the artist Mario m main works on the implementation of its concept: to live with and the art to illustrate the people, to make them accessible and to bring closer. His philosophy was and still is to awaken the creative thinking and feelings of all people, the way of life and the living environment in particular, in its region Luckenwalde / people living in Teltow Flaming, even more interesting with to make. These include also his art projects and creative service offerings for all people. (E.G. The 1 Wood sculpture Symposium) 2007 in Luckenwalde, the tree house project 2008-2009 in Potsdam, art projects with children and young people, with companies and people with mental and physical disabilities art sponsors alive to make to make alive art, it requires lenders which it is located on the heart, the creativity and the development of contemporary art in the region of Luckenwalde / Teltow Flaming to to fund. Whether continuous, uniquely, with large or small monetary contribution, any amount contributes to art to make alive”! Be Godfather, sponsor or patron in unusual places in public spaces to create artworks and art projects and to be able to discover. Create interesting viewpoints in Luckenwalde and surroundings. Make art alive! A.Mannhaupt / Luckenwalde, the 08.07.2011 as you can with the artist Mario m main from Luckenwalde in link appearance: Tel: 03371 / 630360 or by E-mail:

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