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Secondary School Education

February 6, 2016 in News

Education in the uk has always been considered very prestigious. Britain has always been the leader of a foreign education. And this is no accident. England is famous for its tradition of teaching methods and reared children, and that the education system in England has provided the basis for the educational systems of some states. Monitoring the quality of education in England is constantly monitored by the Ministry of Education, and most ratings popular and the best schools (with the highest percentage of graduates admitted to universities) are published annually in The Times and other reputable publications. Often occupy the top position ranking private schools, although the overall percentage of their approximately 7% of the total number of educational institutions. Trained in England can be in private day schools, both public and private boarding schools.

Boarding schools fit for foreign students and provide safety for children – Parents in this case can be calm. In addition, private schools, compared with the public, it is much more comfortable in a financial position in terms of education (the wider curriculum fewer students per class). Besides teaching in English schools involves strict discipline and strict adherence to school rules. Requirements and procedures for all pupils are equal, so the children studying in England, gradually accustomed to self-reliance, responsibility, and following the official rules and regulations. Of course, there are certain concessions, but they need to negotiate in advance.

For example, this applies to sports. If you decide to be educated in England, you should be ready, you will need a lot of sports. Therefore, if there is any restriction on health, you need to pre-notify the school administration and determine whether School to teach the child to such conditions. May need to pick another school. The same applies to food. In English schools can not provide special medical diet, so this time also need to be resolved before income. In any case, if you decide to study in England, you must own to visit the school to which you intend to enroll your child. Then you’ll already be in place to solve all your questions. In many schools, attendance at an educational institution within the framework of a study tour requirement.

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