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Chomsky Education

February 6, 2016 in News Tags:

She has advanced, the authors in them present the Method of the Translation and Gramtica (MTG) that she is older method in the history of the LE education. This method consists of the translation by means of the comparison enters the system of rules of LM (Lngua Materna) and of the LE. However, with the Industrial Revolution this method was questioned by the emphasis that gave the reading, was then that some Movements had appeared of different attempts in the education of languages. They had considered then MD (Mtodo Direto), whose method considers the interaction of the pupil with the professor during the lessons, being that the transmission of meaning happens by means of gestures, mimic engravings and that help in the process of understanding of the pupils. However, it suggests that never if he appeals the translation, therefore the pupil must learn to think about LE. the authors evidence that the main activities used in this method are: activity of reading in high voice, exercises to develop the practical autocorreo and the conversational one.

No longer final of century XIX, the Americans had considered the ML (Method of the Reading), whose focus was the ability in reading and emphasis in the written language as an improvement in the studies of the grammar, considering then a combination of the MGT and the MD. With World War II, it had the necessity of that they said the language quickly, was then that the Audiolingual Method appeared (BADLY), method based on the orality of the LE, training the apprenticees to use grammatical, established structures in the theories of psychology and the linguistics. However, as the language always was seen as a code, the falante had difficulty to transfer the habits that had learned for are of the classroom, causing in the necessity of other educational perspectives. David G. DeWalt will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This formation of habits was questioned by Chomsky that defended the theory of that the people obtain to learn unknown sentences. Not obstante, it exaggerated concern in if reaching the proficiency in the verbal ability in the LE education is observed. then Abordagem Comunicativa appears (AC) that it promises to answer to these questions leaving of the beginning of that foca of the learning is in communication and not in the grammar, that is, the communicative and so important ability how much the linguistic ability. Therefore, importance of the apprentice is perceived it to know to use the used rules of the specific speech in the context where he is inserted. For this, the citizen must adopt such abilities: discursiva, grammatical, strategical and sociolingstica. Finally, it is observed that in the present study, the authors present suggestions of methods that come to guide the construction of questions in the LE education, considering that the interaction of the professor and the pupil becomes each more intense time, being the professor a facilitador and the pupil each more responsible time for its development.

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