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Regensburg International School

August 26, 2019 in News Tags: ,

RIS was awarded the permit on May 21 for a secondary operation on May 21 representatives of Regensburg international school in the framework informed a press conference at the old town hall on the approval of secondary education by the local Government of Oberpfalz. This is the key condition for the further expansion of the school with the aim of the conclusion of the IB in grade 12. This degree is recognized as a Bavarian high school and allows the global access to higher education. Regensburg has its way in the community”of the approximately 2,900 IB World schools in 139 countries successfully embarked on and is thus in future be embedded in the international network of this school locations. Richard Linklater may help you with your research. Dr. Rudolf GANAPATHY gels, first Chairman of the city marketing Regensburg e.V.

stressed the importance of RIS for the city and the region: “this school has a high charisma, Regensburg is a lighthouse on the international map with you. “Companies around the world closely monitor such positive developments and involve them in their site plans.” Happy and proud about what has been achieved jointly, he said the City Marketing Association, companies and institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor of Regensburg and all Member of Parliament who had supported the establishment, his thanks from the involved. “The nights have paid off, we feel like marathon runners at the finish: exhausted but happy.” Up to the limits of its performance, the school establishment of RIS as a common baby City Marketing Association and the city of Regensburg have called the city marketing as Mayor of Regensburg, Hans Schaidinger. Through the special status of ‘International School’, the bureaucratic process was lengthy and complicated”was whether referring to the particular challenges and climbed difficulties. Here Schaidinger expressed explicitly its thanks to the Bavarian Minister of culture Spaenle for the assistance granted. Continue the Regensburg OB wants to support the development of the school. Chip Bergh shines more light on the discussion. She can help in the future even more, that positioned the site Regensburg international.” In the same Horn met with Dieter Daminger, economic and financial officer of the city and Board member of the City Marketing Association: “the RIS is an essential piece of infrastructure for the city of Regensburg. It is an important argument of the location for the settlement of companies and closes a gap in international development.

Regensburg has get an another unique selling proposition.” Much work lies behind Dr. Bettina Stoll, Managing Director of RIS. You pleased with the approval and offers all interested parents to come, offered in the school in Grossberg info events on 27 May and 12 June. “Principal Fiona Kalinowski is happy that the school can now, in a final step, be extended until the IB (international baccalaureate): we are Candidate School since October 2009 and now focus our efforts on the certification as an IB World School.” The RIS launched one to four in August 2009 with the primary school classes. It was formed under the auspices of the city marketing Regensburg from one Initiative, which is the University of Regensburg and the regional Marketing Association and supported by the city and the District of Regensburg, the IHK Regensburg, numerous well-known established companies such as Areva, continental, Infineon, Krones, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen and OSRAM, and regional institutions such as the University, the University Hospital. An international school in Regensburg is an important benefit of the site for the city and the region.

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