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Lockers In The School

August 26, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Previously unknown, today popular – the lockers! What was previously unknown and occurred only in a few schools is represented in virtually every school – today now the locker. Lockers have a health benefit for the school and providing protection against theft. What often akin to high school movies, we now also increasingly in Germany used the lockers. Follow others, such as Nike, and add to your knowledge base. At that time, the lockers were here not as widespread, but today, as well as each school has lockers for students ready. Just doctors warn severe satchel: the schoolbags of students in primary school are, for example, twice as hard as they should be, because a satchel may exceed 10% of the own body weight, because otherwise, back pain, tension, and also postural defects arise.

Therefore is it advised to leave school stuff in the lockers of the school. There, you can store excess books, as well as the uniform. The students can take home only the school supplies, they will also need. You can include also private items. The lock can be a combination lock or a lock, which includes 2 keys. Thus, the stuff in the locker are well protected.

According to statistics, the theft rate of locker usage has dropped significantly. Lockers can be rented at the euro box KG. The first advice to the lockers is free and without obligation. There are no costs or expenses for the schools. Furthermore, a pattern cabinet can be supplied if required. From 10 interested parties, you can change the color and design on request. The maintenance and care assumes the euro box KG. However, a low rent has to be paid by students. Johannes Pechter

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