NFL Takes it to the House!
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Political Fight

May 24, 2015 in News Tags:

It is not a suitable instrument to revitalize the world of life and no ability to generate transcendent meaning, much less to lead the field of spiritual life. Thought to be a mechanical process, becomes a thing it touches. Does not seek truth but safety. It is a mechanical process, superficial and dehumanized. We must awaken to the divine, removing the obstacle of ego that fragments us and divides us and move towards a full life. The actions to take to the destruction of the ego from the truth and not the effort, ambition and personal greed .. We talked about that man is asleep on spirituality and this implies that we have not been able to exploit our full potential to improve, but do not wake up. We do not understand that self realization is within ourselves and we are determined to find out.

He has lived forever in us. We must awaken to the misunderstanding own we are one body, that we are an ego of sense impressions. We must awaken to our divine nature. Education today is in the hands of politicians. The holistic education policy and could suddenly think they are antagonistic, but are closely related. It requires more comprehensive political visions.

Political fight for a more equitable economy for society. Discard political consumerism and materialism back to back, opting for social policies designed to actually serve the majority. More humane social policies. We make an association between politics and economy to eliminate poverty. The economy can not solve this problem, it is necessary to apply equitable social policies, comprehensive policies.

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