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Holger Scheel

May 28, 2015 in News Tags:

“IBM Cognos TM1 supports the planning process at Evotec enormously: a workflow makes the process quicker and safer also controller and planners with a central data base, which allows both top-down and bottom-up planning work”, explains Holger Scheel, Senior Vice President of controlling at Evotec. The group can more precisely to plan research projects as well as business development and thereby minimize business risks. All users planning the planning process now in the same structure and the same data model this accelerated, reduces the number of interfaces and reduces the occurrence of errors when entering data”, so Scheel. In addition, forecasts and scenarios support risk management. Simulations can be automated and virtually in real time, because IBM Cognos TM1 has over the necessary technology to to handle even large amounts of data quickly.

So, Evotec can answer a wide range of issues during the planning: what does a lower or higher dollar exchange rate? How affect a new research collaboration or the acquisition of certain company specifically on the business development? Reports and analysis at your fingertips at the same time Evotec with IBM Cognos 8 BI has increased the depth of evaluation at the corporate management significantly. The solution also accesses the data warehouse, and provides this up-to-date and consistent information. Automated sales – project reports provide information about the current status of individual research projects, evaluate usage costs or graphically represent the chronological sequence. Dashboard and cockpit functionality provide the quick overview. Also, the reporting is closely interlocked with the planning: plan data are automatically transferred to the data warehouse to consummate planning and are then available for comparisons or scenarios available. In addition, IBM Cognos 8 BI offers plenty of room for individual evaluations. Via drill-down analysis controller can dive deeper into the data dimensions and, for example, analysis of variances perform. What society has which extra costs? Why does it take a longer than planned research project? The data can be located quickly filter according to the desired dimensions, as regions, quarters, or companies.

So users can look at trends over time, isolate individual aspects and study up on the level of detail. Evotec, overall, can this more closely monitor the overall business development and are react more flexibly to a wide range of developments. Thanks to the expert advice of novem business applications Evotec has implemented their business requirements: planning, reporting, and detailed analyses are the new system considerably more reliable, faster and more flexible. Throughout the duration of the project has us novem business applications supported. The consultants have proved much technical know-how, quickly captures the business requirements of Evotec and found a suitable solution for every problem”, Holger Scheel accounted for.

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