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Music Education

February 19, 2016 in News Tags:

The role of the First Teacher of Music can not be overstated. Perhaps check out David G. DeWalt for more information. Depend on it early successes, the love of music and interest in the courses, further opportunity to continue a professional way. It is a big responsibility for development of young musicians. And parents have the responsibility of choice. How could I not mistaken? What criteria govern the selection of the teacher? What are the qualities desirable to see in him? First, take your time make a final choice. Suppose you have two or more candidates for a place of honor:) Ask friends who have their children learn, learn, who teaches at the School of Music. Second, find an opportunity sit in on classes and lectures students together with your child without him.

You will see the atmosphere of the lesson, the teacher level requirements and the final result. If you need to cultivate a professional, then the mass level Game of students in this class must be high. Do look for lessons from beginners, they always differ significantly from the studies with older children. Notice how the children work in the classroom. I wonder whether them, how do you collect their attention, what is the speed and efficiency of the lesson (how many served the material and how it is fixed), there are clear explanations of the teacher. Figuratively whether his speech – for young children (3-7 years) it is very important as well as elements of the game in the classroom. The first music teacher must love children and be a good psychologist. Most important is the individual approach to every unconventional lessons.

The atmosphere is a lesson to which we must strive – co-creation, which crystallizes the result. Teacher planning it, but ways to achieve and the pace with every student can and should be different. The main problem in the first stage – to develop creative abilities and the desire to play music, give the child an understanding of musical tasks and techniques, demonstrating their achievement. To teach his thoughtful work on the quality of the game. Initially, this occurs in the classroom, the child should feel what it means hard work that leads to success, physically feel her number and level of personal responsibility for themselves. It is often necessary psychological nurturing teacher. Not to using direct pressure – it just hurt a child, even if he does not resist. This leads to the fact that hostility to such methods work is transferred to the music, which is the unfortunate result of what you can imagine present. The child must be praised! For most small successes and efforts on his part. It's not bad! 🙂 Another thing is that the failures and their causes, too, should not be left without attention and careful design. And another thing, the main thing. Teacher and your child should have a psychological compatibility. The fact that a child may seem good and attractive to another is unacceptable. Should appear between the energy a positive adjustment to each other, feeling that they need each other as individuals. Therefore, self-selecting teachers for all the above criteria, be sure to ask your child if he liked teacher and his future if he wants to learn it from him.

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