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Higher Education

February 17, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Well, who among today's youth do not wish to pursue higher education abroad? First, it is prestigious. I think this is the first 'a', 'a', which ranks first in the ranking of 'Why I want to pursue higher education abroad. Gerald Weissmann, MD will not settle for partial explanations. " Certainly, when a representative poll of today's young and immature society would respond that way, call it in the first place, although few of them truly understand the meaning of the word 'prestige'. But, not less so, it has place to be. Second, foreign diplomas are recognized throughout the world (sort of like, with a hint of doubt in the voice of responsible young people). Here, I will not argue, why not. In the third, then to find high-paying jobs abroad.

So, here are little minds turn, begins to build a logical series. That's right: once prestigious, therefore, using this word in the subconscious, you can and get a cushy job, while receiving the very prestigious teaching is good, quoted at the Mount diploma. Well, finally, – Fourth (which, however, spoiled little girl and the son's oligarchs and oligarchikov not always mentioned), to be able to stay in the very country, a prestigious training and a diploma recognized throughout the Western community, which you received, and simultaneously caught working. Those who make such surveys, guided still by the so-called 'golden' youth, who and in Oxford without exams can do: would be a means for mothers with Daddy. Happy for those who have them, and leave this topic. And what about those who have no habit to beat every birthday his parents and a trip to Bentley Hawaii? By no means all of our young people in Russia are not a genius, or were born with golden spoon in his mouth. There are just very talented boys and girls, Umnichka from God, who, having a typical Russian education, and typically work for the benefit of their homeland, occasionally asking a question: what is me? It's not that all these patriots of their country and do not wish to receive similar education abroad (even from afar to work still in Russia), and not that they do not think about, dreamed, and that at Oxford, Cambridge and Eton they do not have sufficient funds.

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