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Motivation for Studies

May 15, 2014 in News Tags: ,

Modern society, changing at dizzying pace, everyone requires us to be always updated in our profession. However, when it comes to going back to school to adapt to the needs of the post that we deal with, to find one better; or because we are left without employment, not all people get the motivation to sit and study independently that desperately need the money. Return to studies after spending more than five years without touching the books is very difficult, especially if no other contact with the academic world that is not kept the help to the children in the tasks, and usually this leaves us so exhausted that we do not want or smell a textbook. Why, then I give you five tricks that will help you to overcome the procastinacion and give you the strength to get to study what you want. 1. Listen to your friends. Many times we are confident that we have a great knowledge about a particular topic and it is as we speak with others at a dinner party or any social gathering, when we realize Note that we do not have no idea. If this happens to us, it would be very useful that those concepts that have seemed entirely new note in a notebook and do a search on the internet about them.

In this way, it will be easier to us proemployment to learn. 2 Subscribe to newsletters on the internet. Everyone likes to be up to date of what is happening in their professional field, however, attend refresher courses or buy (and read) the magazines of the sector is not always easy. One idea that works is to devote five minutes only once to subscribe to any newsletter on the subject that interests us, we receive periodically information about the area that we want in our email, and with a single glance you can choose news items which seem really interesting to us.

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