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Augsburg Weltbild

May 11, 2014 in News Tags: ,

At least it should be. In the real life the coexistence is also in Mervilien not free of human weaknesses. However, the fantasy trilogy shows solutions, the also in real work. Curious readers accompany Pirino and Lunara on their experiences to intrigues and power struggles. While their previous ways of life are as different as is sometimes the case in the reality of children and young people.

However, the two able to close friendship for the sake of Merviliens and the rescue of the cloud Castle and to pull in the same direction. Children believe in things like no utopia! Situations of such are always in the school and leisure life fraternization of purpose of to observe, that eventually establish a new, solid friendship against all differences. The young hero Pirino and Lunara in the rose Mage conspiracy in the cloud Castle Pirino grows up protected and in great luxury. His ideal world shatters when his father passes him the order of the Rosoboziom without any explanation. This incomprehensible Act traumatized the boys. Humiliation of sides of the priest and his eye witness of the Murder at his only friend Pirino make difficult trust in other people.

Only after numerous setbacks he learns gradually, to believe in other people and in his own abilities. The responsible Lunara ensures since the death of her mother, her father and her younger sister. She has a close bond to both. Pirinos arrogant is incomprehensible to her. It recognizes that behind this fear and insecurity hiding. Understanding succeeds, the fate of proven novices thaw. Together, exist and survive the journey to the mammoth forest, which is more than a walk and gives two children a more mature character. Author and publisher of the fantasy trilogy The author of the fantasy novel the magician of roses roses magician “(trilogy), Bettina Weber, works as a freelance singer, vocal teacher, ensemble Director and composer. As a writer, her focus in the field of fantasy literature. In addition, she writes short stories and fairy tales. 2002/2003 she graduated from the from the Augsburg Weltbild-Verlag offered to author school. Conspiracy in the cloud Castle “and” battle for the cloud Castle are NOEL published the first two volumes of her fantasy trilogy the magician of roses before. The third part is in preparation. The Noel-Verlag Oberhausen, founded in 2007 as a family business, has written to encouraging young authors on the flags. Young means here the beginnings in auto writing of literature. The publishing philosophy has proven itself well: it does not come as an author in the world. But you can – if one strives one. We want to help! “The publishing program includes fantasy, mystery, science fiction, crime, humor, children’s and youth literature, as well as animals. Annette Bankey for: Bettina Weber

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