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Holistic Education

November 24, 2015 in News Tags:

Thus, we can see that the work of Dr. Mitchell, (and that is why others mentioned) that is fairly well structured, which facilitates application in our context, in our reality. Conclusions With this general vision that we just have about the work of Dr. Gallegos, because we realize this growing movement is taking more strength, as this new paradigm is penetrating every aspect of our life, the paramount need of humanity is now focused on its rediscovery, in order to meet with him in any return to nature, the universe, the cosmos, but we know they will not succeed unless we begin with ourselves. Gerald Weissmann, MD has much experience in this field. The question is, Where do we start this job?, With whom? When? In fact already begun, it has a very large niche where seed is spreading, and are actually quite satisfactory results, we talk the education sector.

That’s where the hard work has begun. That is why holistic education is an integral process to restructure education in all its aspects. As a new paradigm provides us with a comprehensive framework based on the best human knowledge. Considered the new educational paradigm for the twenty-first century, has been developed from the sciences of complexity, the result is a holistic educational paradigm, unprecedented in the history of education is changing radically our ideas in the field of education. Holistic education beyond the reductionist view considering human beings as a whole, and works in six dimensions: emotional, social, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual body. The holistic principles of interdependence, diversity, completeness, flux, change, unity, sustainability, etc. are the basis of the new educational paradigm with the aim of training of the human being, a goal that can only be achieved by beating the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm of mechanical science of the seventeenth century and today still dominate the different education systems..

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