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Educational Methods

November 24, 2015 in News Tags: , ,

Just in parallel with the introduction of new rules of life education to take care to understand their feelings that run from time to time methods of educating taken over from their parents and completely discredited today. So, what are the methods? One of the oldest methods of influence on a child – a method of orders and prohibitions. Orders and threats is simply not able to deeply modify the behavior of a person! Because they affect only the external behavior and only if accompanied by enforcement measures! In other words – until you have the opportunity to make a child to carry out your orders, it will behave exactly as you ordered it. But once a child feels sufficiently adults and are keen to get out from under your influence – he did it! Sometimes just to physically move in space – moved to another shelter, another city or another family. Uderet in general.

And begin to behave as he always wanted. The second method can be called the admonition – is when you knock out the child vows and commitments. Go to Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. Ie pestering until just before he is forced to promise you – clean up after themselves, do their homework, do not arrive late, etc. This creates the appearance that a child like as claimed responsibility and is going to implement these intentions. You may have really motivated and he really wants genuinely wants to fulfill those commitments! After all, he wants you to enjoy! And what is bad such a wonderful method? Yes, the fact that the natural result in this case will be the inevitable relapse! One fine day emotional fuse has run its course and the baby somehow break a promise God forbid, you still start him this reproach – add another and a sense of guilt, which will force him to withhold information about broken promises, if any, Avoid contact with you. Try something promise to a friend, and then regularly violate that promise. What will you feel? Knowing that this person is always waiting for you to promise In general, the oaths and promises, too really does not change anything in the child's behavior. Try to follow – how often do you use to communicate with the child, these two methods? And I thought that could be done instead? I would be glad if you have already decided a similar problem and found a way out together with their children.

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