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Courses and Training

November 11, 2018 in News Tags: ,

To date, the crisis has reduced the staffing of many companies, career growth is virtually absent and only chance to succeed – it's better, better and smarter than the rest. You have to work a lot to learn. But as combine and training, and work without prejudice to them? How to keep the time on the small joys of life? There is a recipe – and tereningi courses. But in order: Correct work: There is a rule Pareto. It states that 20% of your efforts will bring You 80% of the result. Tested for years, but like any rule, it has exceptions. In this case, you need to optimize your working process.

Visit the training to manage their time (time management), check your targets SMART standard is not just empty words, it works. Ask any successful manager, it is necessary for quality work – he will answer the same thing. Correct knowledge: There is at once put the point of 'and': 1. Higher education – is the base for the beginning of self-education. Crust, but also red, is not enough for what would become a professional.

2. Reading a book does not bear much systematization of information that you should understand and manage, for a successful use in practice. 3. Advice of friends, colleagues, etc. Before you follow the advice, make sure that people posovetovshy a) kompitenten on this issue b) is successful in that I often give advice to my grandmother, it is very bad advice, as not in HR, not what else it has achieved no success. Listening lyudei successful and achieve success. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gerald Weissmann, MD. Conclusions: For a successful career, especially in times of crisis, the best and quickest way – it's courses and tereningi. However, their also must be able to choose from. As we have already discussed. Training should lead a person who has achieved success in their field. There does not matter their age or rating of the organizer. Look at the coach, ask: 'What do you got? Why I must (a) you believe? " Of course this article only a drop in the ocean. Of course there are times when the pope and the president has failed life, but most of the training courses and change your life for the better. Be successful and write, if that

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