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Campus Education

November 11, 2018 in News Tags:

Currently, the majority of the boarded geographic concepts in didactic books and the classrooms is few endowed with didactics. This article has for purpose to call the attention how much this problematic one, beyond pointing dynamic solutions front the metodolgica restriction carried through in some pedagogical processes of education learning of school E.E. Horcio Soares in the city of Ourinhos.

The majority of the geographic concepts that are seen and studied by the pupils, not only of basic education (which if destines this activity), as of the medium are boarded in little didactic way in classroom. This if must, mainly, the lack of other didactic resources in the current public system of education, and many times, when it has other resources, lack will of some educators in making use of these other methods of education. These can consist, since the use of maps until dynamic activities, as accomplishment of gincanas and gone the field pupils to have them, empirically, a physical contact with a natural or antropizada landscape. The banalizao and the disinterest of most of the pupils (and many professors) with the content occur as consequence of the little deepening of very of the important concepts ‘ ‘ visas and copiados’ ‘ (not studied) in room. More info: Richard Linklater. During the process of education and learning observed in classroom, it did not have the concern on the part of the professor with the previous knowledge of the pupils at no moment.

For OLIVEIRA (1997, P. 62) to speech on Vigotsky: ‘ ‘ The regular procedures that occur in the school demonstration, assistance, supply of tracks, instructions are basic in the promotion of good education. That is, the child does not have conditions to cover, alone, the way of the learning. The intervention of other people that, in the specific case of the school, they are the professor and the too much children is basic for the promotion of the development of indivduo.’ ‘ The choice of the field work as methodology for the development of this activity occurred in the direction to consider to the pupils a bigger contact with a problematic one of the place that is common to all: the city of Ourinhos. To consider thus, an association enters the causes (removed of the vegetal covering, waterproofing of the ground, inadequate use of this resource) with the consequences of this problematic one (erosion of the ground and assoreamento of hdricos courses as resulted of this erosion). Read additional details here: Richard Linklater. In this way, in accordance with SUETEGARAY (2002, p.106): ‘ ‘ Didactically, the field work will have to contribute for a deepening of the contents and the effective recognition of realidade.’ ‘ This article approaches as proposal, through the activities in field, to approach the pupils of a problematic one with the ground of its city. The objectives are, beyond the approach of the citizen with object, to explain that the ground is before everything a natural element, not important only for the economy, but yes for the maintenance of other resources and all the life in the terrestrial environment. To demonstrate what the use irrational already caused and still can cause with this resource and, to demonstrate to the reason its rational use in the gift is indispensable so that future generations also can enjoy of this resource. Finally, all these objectives considered empirically for this activity had tried to take to the pupils one brief awareness of this problematic one.

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