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Education And Change

February 4, 2016 in News Tags:

The education in the perspective of possible change The school is an instance of fight for the transformation of the society. It is the place where if they give to the social contradictions that occur in the society, this we saw to all instant and it is not more newness for nobody, but also we understand that the school is the space for practical of exchange of opinions and the aiding of ideals in common. Of this form, the school is full of contradictions, and therefore, we cannot wait the arrival of the new and socialist society to remove of the school everything what it can give in the perspective of transformation of the society. But still the school is the instrument in the hand that we have to change the gift consequentemente and the future, either it stops better or worse, to depend on as this education advances. The education is not neutral and nor it could be. Click David G. DeWalt for additional related pages. For yes, for not it educative action in general, and the particular one, is compromised with some idea philosophical politician and. Thus, we can understand that or we assume a comprometimento position critically politician or execute our action in unconscious way and in which we will not have, therefore, to be able of decision.

In short, our option is: we have a conscientious philosophical option, (what the education of quality takes in them) or act from values and purposes that we are unaware of, (what is not politician). The school, as mediating instance of the cultural rise of the educandos must exert a critical paper of cultural rise of the individual and the society and not contrary it. The schools can serve to the process of social transformation since that they are used in accord with a cash agreement of the social dynamics. For in such a way, it is necessary that the practical pertaining to school aims at the appropriation knowing accumulated of them for the humanity, that is, the knowledge must be contextualizado and changeable, but passive of understanding. The cultural one elaborated is basic element in the process of cultural rise of the individual, is a critical step of the agreement of the world that exceeds the superficiality of the knowledge of the prxis daily. Therefore, the school aims at a perspective of change, positive change for the society, is this its function, a transformation in the molds of the development of the individual. The education would not be necessary if it was not this intention, after all, is known that the school is the characteristic space for the growth and the propagation of ideals and ideas, is this its rela function. It does not have society fortified without a good education, we have examples of this in countries more developed and the data disclose, how much better either the education, greater progress of a country.

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