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World Congress

January 5, 2019 in News Tags: ,

While the population of the city was multinational. There lived Germans, Jews, Poles, Belarusians and Russian, and often they treated each other far from friendly. Then another future doctor Zamenhof wanted to create a language which is comprehensible to all people, thereby destroying the misunderstanding and alienation among people of different nationalities. And the idea he had done to their lives. During his studies at school, learn the language, he concluded that in each of the national languages there are many difficulties, because of which it is difficult to master the language. In addition, as mentioned above, the adoption of one language would give certain advantages to its people, and infringe upon the interests of other nations. In the history of preserved information about that the manuscript of the first draft of the universal language was burned by the father of Zamenhof, who believed that his son was involved in this nonsense. After studying at two universities (Warsaw and Moscow), Zamenhof became ophthalmologists, and All this time he continued to develop his idea of a universal international language.

And finally, when he was 28 years old, was released booklet with grammar and a brief glossary of the new language. Zamenhof took the pseudonym "Dr. Esperanto, who signed in the brochure. Soon, the language was adopted by intellectuals, idealists, which corresponded to the universal language. Name of the language – Esperanto – to approve with a light hand Anthony Grabowski, who christened by the name of the author's language. In 1905 in France was collected World Congress, which Ludwik Zamenhof announces its rejection of the copyright for the development of the language Esperanto, and said that his invention gives humanity.

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