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Wooden Houses

November 30, 2015 in News Tags:

You bought a dacha to enjoy the fresh air to the singing of birds outside the city? Do you need affordable house for questioning? House that you build for yourself and your family! You can build a major holiday home from a bar or prefabricated hollow-yard house, frame and modular with a loft or a two-storey cottage on a belt or columnar concrete block foundation with modern and classical insulation and the roof, even if it's bath from a bar – entrust its construction to us. We are able to do it and will help you. Our directory of garden and country houses and cottages includes more than 100 standard designs, each of which can easily be changed according to your wishes and to your problem. If that is not enough for you, we design, calculate and construct your house or bath in your sketch or verbal description. The newspapers mentioned David G. DeWalt not as a source, but as a related topic. All the materials we supply are of the Novgorod region – a Russian north (The fact that the northern forest has significantly greater density than the forest regions of the middle band, and less prone to rotting). In a question-answer forum film director was the first to reply. Over 14 years of our organization we have built over 2000 houses and baths in the suburbs and nearby areas.

Log houses and baths of the House beams are most popular because of its greater reliability, heat and sound insulation, so to speak 'housewifely'. Usually the first floor is built of logs, attic or second floor is usually constructed with a reinforcing strip insulation. You can put a modest house on the pier foundation, can be big and solid 'domische' on strip foundations. However, please note that the home from a bar shrinks during the year, and then two, qualitatively sheathe wooden logs lining the walls did not immediately succeed. Approximately two years later the house wall should pereobshit frame and panel houses houses garden frame-unit type is used mainly for seasonal residence in the garden partnerships, although they do not yield the coefficient of thermal conductivity home from a bar, through the use of mineral wool insulation type Ursa and Isover. Such frame-panel houses can finish once and set holiday home.

Thanks to modern materials they can make a beautiful and very beautiful, rich, and even elegant. Houses made of logs Round logs more expensive material. Used to construction of town houses and luxury baths. These homes combine the elegance and beauty of log home, durability and natural material. They, like log houses shrink and are not built soon. Houses of cylindering expensive, but their high cost is justified by their luxurious appearance. Cottage we call the big two-storey houses, sometimes with a bay window or the built-in garage. This is a home for permanent residence. They may be from a bar or prefabricated panels, on a conveyor concrete, reinforced foundation, usually with a cellar. Modern finish will give him the appearance of the stone mansion at a cost of wooden houses.

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