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Total Recall

August 22, 2013 in News Tags: ,

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the magic of wish-fulfillment has a price, like everything else in this world. Price is different: the tangible and intangible. In our If at the cost of living is conscious of every day life. What does “mindfulness”? Every person is born with great potential, talents, goals and objectives. This is what is called a pathetic expression of “Meaning of life.” But while he grows and matures, for reasons of the influence of society, family of origin, fears and stereotypes of conduct established by society, a person loses his true essence, “forgets” its purpose and instead acquires personality.

Personality – that is purchased with a set of stereotypes, experiences, expectations, and limiting beliefs that are hard cover, protect us in the society of fear, pain and destruction. We “Forget” our origins, children’s aspirations and dreams, and in return get gentlemanly set of views, behaviors that are approved by our culture, society. We know what a good kid – it’s the one that meet the expectations of mothers, fathers, and schools. However, neither the mother nor the father nor the child’s environment does not know anything about that, what gifts and challenges come into this world man. Only he has the authority to decide what to bring and joy than he could be helpful to peace.

The little man knows everything about himself, he realized he was the creator and the creator of your life, but eventually displaces the negative experience is knowledge, and man, growing up, begins to think that personality and Essence – it’s the same thing. Only the inner longing for an unfulfilled dream, only frustration and dissatisfaction with life, just look like an extinct lifeless man lost about Essence of otstutstvii stay informed of your life. “Total Recall” itself, to reach the depths of his true identity, a return to its roots, its true values – that is a state called mindfulness. Simple question: “What do I want?” – puts most adults to a standstill. We can answer that we do not want to! But do not have a clear understanding of what is really seeking our soul, which for us is the true value that brings our lives a wonderful inspiration and enthusiasm. The mighty universe will never allow us to play with his life as a magic wand. Only the recognition of their underlying needs, only the performance of its true purpose in this earthly life gives a person a ticket to event management. Again, that life for all must pay a price. Be able to manage their own lives, people assume responsibility for the use of his power, bestowed from above. It can be used only to fulfill their potential, to execute his mission in life and to serve the world around them. So, before you get in possession of such a unique gift is to acquire knowledge about themselves, their goals, and even his appointment of the laws of life requiring strict compliance. After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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