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Tips To Save Gas And Money In Your Home

July 17, 2018 in News Tags: , , , ,

Gas is another fossil fuel used in the generation of heat for cooking, bathing, cleaning of clothes, among others. A high consumption of this, generates significant concentrations of greenhouse gases as the dioxide of carbon, methane, oxides of nitrogen, ozone and aerosols. Make rational use of the same results in the reduction of greenhouse gases, global warming and climate change. The actions to perform for the gas savings are the following: 1. to heat water for bathing make sure heat only where needed, since a greater volume of water requires a higher consumption of gas. 2 Turn off the heater pilot when not need it.

3. When you cook, use preferably pressure cookers that require one lower consumption of gas compared to traditional pots. 4. If the use of pressure cookers is not possible, cover the pots: the kitchen will take place faster and will consume 20% less gas. 5. Regularly clean the kitchen stoves burners: If soiled or become clogged consume 10% more than what you should.

6. Check the burners of the water heater at least once a year. 7. If it is possible to replace your gas heater by a solar water heater, which would eliminate the use of gas for this purpose by up to 90%. 8 Duchess rather than swim (especially if hot water is obtained a great saving of energy). 9 Keep warm better is more suitable to use heating in excess. It is important to check that the gas pipes are not embedded (with oxide). 10. In times of cold keep the Windows closed and well insulated to prevent heat from escaping. Check and clean the burners of the heating system. 11. If it is possible to adapt systems generation and reuse of biofuels (through the garbage, organic waste among others) to replace the fossil gas. 12 Industries to produce pressurized steam uses gas, so it is recommended keep equipment in good condition and with appropriate mixtures to make combustion more efficient and reduce the consumption of gas. 13 To give priority to the drying of clothes through the solar radiation than to the use of the dryer. In addition, the Sun ends most of the bacteria without the use of chemicals!. If you cannot avoid using clothes dryer, wait to complete the load, so avoid excessive consumption of gas. Posted by: installation of boilers boilers gas plumbers.

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