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The Spanish Language Today

October 5, 2013 in News Tags:

Spanish is very common, as it may seem at first glance. Spanish is the mother not only for residents of Spain, but also for the citizens of eighteen countries in Latin America. It's such countries like Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela. And in Spanish, spoken over 25 million residents of America, the Philippines, and as residents of some areas of North Africa. Thus, it turns out that Spanish is one of the most common Romance languages. According to specialists, the number of people in the world, speaking in Spanish, has exceeded 420 million, these items were relevant at the very beginning of 21 century, perhaps the number of Spanish-speaking – much more.

If you parse the origins appearance of the Spanish language, he, like other Romance languages which include French, Portuguese, Italian and other languages, was formed from the Latin language. Latin to the Iberian Peninsula have Roman conquerors in the beginning of iii century bc. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, there came the Germanic tribes, the invasion has made some changes to the Spanish language. Next peninsula conquered by the Arabs, in 718, the population took the fight for liberation and independence – then began to return the occupied lands, the establishment of the liberated territories of the so-called Christian Reconquista. Significant role in this played Castile, the Castilian dialect, and so became the mainstay of Spanish literary language. And in 1492, as we know from history, Spanish courtyard outfitted the first expedition to India. And already 12 October 1492 Columbus America was discovered, so , the Spanish conquistadors began the colonial conquest of the New World. While the Spaniards discovered and conquered vast territories from Mexico to Cape Horn in the south of Argentina, they seized numerous Indian tribes Aztec, Maya, Inca, Quechua, and many others Patagonians captivity.

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