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The New Aircraft Fund Of KGAL Sky Class 58

May 24, 2014 in News Tags: ,

KGAL sky class 58 – the new aircraft Fund In the area of aircraft funds there is a relatively new offering interested investors can benefit with the KGAL sky class 58. Through this Fund, it is possible a market to invest in, which are currently very good growth opportunities are certified. Of the accumulated capital, the Fund acquires up to 12 aircraft of the type Airbus 319. Then the aircraft on an airline with a high credit standing are rented, namely to easyJet. Further data are different data to the Fund to each new closed-end funds and published figures are for the investors of great interest. For example the forecast yield belongs to this important data.

When the sky class, the total payout should be 137.1 percent 58 funds after the end of the term. This distribution consists of capital distribution of 97.1 percent and the distribution of income by 40 percent. With a runtime of approximately 5.5 years an annual return of 8 percent result. Please note that the Capital deposit a premium must be paid by three percent. Until June 30, 2013, the shares can be purchased yet, and the term of the Fund is to end on December 31, 2018. At least 10,000 euros must invest investors who want to buy shares in the Fund. Some investors also the investment volume are interested in closed-end fund investment and other details. This is a total EUR 14.8 million at this closed-end Fund of the aircraft.

Of this total capital, something more than 4.2 million as equity are planned, so that there is an equity ratio of slightly less than 30%. Investors after buying a stake in the future to produce income from a business that virtually entrepreneur includes other details. A return of the shares is up to the end of the planned term not possible. Would an investor is selling prematurely, so he can try this only on the secondary market, which is so common in closed-end funds.

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